How Animated GIFs Can Elevate Your Event

By Shayla Lee

TapSnap has been an innovator in the event entertainment industry since 2012 and we continue to adopt the latest technology to provide clients with an unparalleled event experience. One of our newest features, animated GIFs, are a great addition to any event! Mari Killian, one of TapSnap's franchisees, recently serviced a corporate event that integrated animated GIFs. With the help of the graphic design team at the head office in Vancouver, Mari was able to provide a unique animated GIF for her client. We followed up with Mari after the event and asked her a few questions about her experience with animated GIFs. 

Mari Killian TapSnap Franchisee

Mari Killian is the franchise owner of TapSnap 1069 in Pennsylvania. 


How did you get started with TapSnap and why did you decide to become a franchisee?
I’ve always been in the special events industry as a meeting planner, trade show coordinator, and manager of advertising. I wanted to stay in the industry when I left my corporate position and when we found TapSnap, we fell in love.

What are animated GIFs and how do they work? 

So the way an animated GIF works is you take 4 pictures of the guests at the event, these will loop over an animated background and finally you can also add animation as an overlay on top of the guests, so it’s a fully immersive experience. TapSnap’s team also designed what we call a “GIF collage” which means that when you print the GIFs you get a collage with your 4 photos and a branded background. For this event, we used everything mentioned and executed it flawlessly, thanks to everyone’s help at Corporate.

How would you describe the recent event you booked and what was your relationship with the client before booking it in this occasion?

For the most recent event, we were contacted by a client that owns their own decor company. They engineer and design their events as well as cater them. They subcontract entertainment. They can use absolutely anyone else and have established great relationships with many companies who supply photo booths (but they are pale in comparison to TapSnap). They are intensely creative, always set the bar high and deliver nothing short of fabulous. I need to stay on their radar and must have the ability to adapt to their designs and exceed their expectations. 

Original Animated Sketch Mari's original sketch she sent to TapSnap's graphic design team. 


How was the process of pitching the concept to your client and closing the deal?
When talking with clients or potential clients about TapSnap, one thing I always point out is that TapSnap isn’t complacent with keeping things standard or ho hum. I refer to TapSnap as my young, skinny jeaned, Vancouver partners (not all that common in Central PA) who know a lot more about technology than I ever will. They are the backbone to keeping TapSnap trendy and fresh. 

What were some of your client’s main objectives for the event and what did you offer them as a solution?
They sent me the proposal they gave their client. I took it from there but stayed in constant communication with them throughout the TapSnap creative process.

Why did you decide animated GIFs were a good fit for this event?

I have never used GIFs or animation and decided to take a leap of faith. This was our 3rd year being invited to this same client’s holiday party and that by itself is a big deal. We wanted to knock it out of the park. 

TapSnap Animated GIF Mockup TapSnap's graphic design team created this mockup for Mari.  


Did you experience any difficulties during the pre-production phase? If so, how did you overcome them? 

Absolutely no difficulties. A breeze. The only thing I had to overcome was my own fear. Everyone from Corporate kept in constant contact with me via phone and email.

How was your team’s workflow during the event? How did you make it work?
So, here’s my suggestion regarding the addition of GIFs to TapSnap events. Have a GIF plan and make sure you know where TapSnap will be located and where the entertainment will be placed. You have to be able to talk guests through the process. Have a procedure in advance. Mine for couples was: picture 1: just look into the camera and smile. Picture 2: look at one another. Picture 3: kiss. Picture 4: look surprised. Always ask if they are a couple first - don’t assume! And have a plan B in case they are just friends or work buddies.

What was the client's overall impression of the event?

They couldn't have been happier. 

TapSnap GIF Collage Mockup

TapSnap's graphic design team created this gif collage mockup for Mari. 


Would you recommend offering a GIF at an event? Why? 
You betcha. Raising the bar is so important for repeat customers. And honestly, those of us who staffed this recent event, had more fun than ever! GIFs and animation are so much fun.

What are some of your future objectives as a TapSnap franchisee? 

When making sales calls, I will be suggesting we add GIFs and/or animation for a cool guest experience! Now I know they aren't scary! 

TapSnap Animated GIF Mari approved the mockup and guests had a blast at the event. 


Are you interested in incorporating animated GIFs into your next event? Let TapSnap bring your vision to life! You can find more about TapSnap and everything we can do here.

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