3 Easy And Engaging Golf Tournament Sponsorship Ideas

By Bianca Bujan

Hosting a corporate golf tournament is a great way to connect with clients and raise funds for a charity or organization, while enjoying fun in the sun during the warm summer months. But while it may be easy to pick a golf course to host your party, and find groups to hit the green, one of the biggest challenges can be finding ways to raise those much-needed funds.

When it comes to creating sponsorship opportunities, those who are hosting the golf tournament want to find easy ways to incorporate those paying partners without taking away from the fun of the game, and sponsors want to engage with guests without seeming pushy. So how do you create sponsorship opportunities that will please everyone?

To help you sell high-paying sponsorship opportunities for your upcoming golf tournament, here are three easy and engaging sponsorship ideas that will driving revenue at your event will keeping the element of fun on point. 

Golf Tournament Sponsorship Idea #1: Raise Funds With A Photo Booth


While larger tournament title sponsorship packages tend to take the spotlight when it comes to finding ways to bring in revenue, creating engaging hole sponsorship opportunities is a great way to bring on multiple sponsors, ultimately bringing in more money for your event.

One sponsorship idea that has worked really well for golf tournaments is setting up a sponsored photo booth at one of the holes. As players pass through and play at that hole, they can pop in for a photo in front of the sponsored photo booth, and take home a print as a special keepsake.

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With TapSnap, sponsors can brand both the outside of the photo booth, and elements of the photo itself. From animated GIFs of players hitting a hole-in-one, to posing with a digital version of their favourite golf pro, to a simple sponsor-branded photo backdrop, there are many ways to incorporate the sponsor into the photo booth fun. Plus, sponsors can enjoy face-to-face conversations with the participants - without seeming pushy.

Golf Tournament Sponsorship Idea #2: Rent A Caddie


Who doesn't love an extra set of helping hands while navigating through the course? Have a few students, interns, or aspiring golf pros from the club volunteer their time, and provide each foursome with the opportunity to hire a helpful caddie for the day.

The caddie can help carry golf bags and drive the golf cart from hole-to-hole, and your tournament can feel like pros as they play all day - all in support of an important cause!

Golf Tournament Sponsorship Idea #3: Marshmallow Long Drive Challenge


This one may sound silly, but golfers will love the squishy spin on a classic golfing competition! At one of the holes, offer each player a try at the Marshmallow Long Drive Challenge for a small fee. Golfers are then encouraged to hit the marshmallow instead of a golf ball (don't worry, the hit doesn't have to go towards their final score).

Record the distance of each hit, and the player with the longest marshmallow drive can win a fun prize.

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Don't just offer to splash logos around your golf tournament for sponsors, come up with fun and engaging ways to connect sponsors with guests, and your event is sure to be a big success. 

Add a photo booth to your golf tournament for the ultimate sponsorship opportunity! 

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