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Franchisee Knocks it Out of the Park: Six Events in Nine Days

Jul 21, 2014 10:39:22 AM / by TapSnap

Brian Pisor of upstate South Carolina and southwestern North CarolinaBrian Pisor of upstate South Carolina and southwestern North Carolina quickly gained a reputation as an innovative TapSnap owner. As an example of his dynamic business acumen, Pisor recently had a successful run of six events in a nine-day period.

Pisor launched his TapSnap in November 2013. His kickoff party attracted more than 100 attendees, ranging from event planners to photographers and venue managers, who showed up to experience TapSnap firsthand. Since his launch, Pisor has spent valuable time networking with news outlets and customers in his market.

“Although the gigs did not roll-in immediately, the word started to spread,” said Pisor. “We did several free events with a focus on two things – pleasing the customers to the max and then facilitating a strong Yelp review.”

The community’s response to Pisor’s efforts has been extremely admirable. He advises all new franchisees to spend time networking and hosting discounted events to establish a customer base.

Some other advice Pisor has to share:

  1. Throw a launch party with as many guests as possible
  2. Get local media coverage to help build social awareness and create buzz
  3. Join your local chamber of commerce and give out targeted freebies
  4. Respond to leads IMMEDIATELY and treat your customers like gold

“It’s all about networking with the right people. Make yourself the center of attention with the right audience and treat people with impeccable customer service,” continued Pisor.

And the proof is in the numbers. Five months after his TapSnap launch, Pisor has been part of numerous events working with clients from theaters and event planners to corporations, municipalities, and charities. His momentum is remarkable, and he is looking forward to continuing to impact the community in a positive way through TapSnap for many more years.

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