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Part-time entrepreneur brings revolutionary TapSnap phototainment system to Minneapolis

Local entrepreneur Chris Diller has brought the revolutionary TapSnap phototainment system to Minneapolis. Launched this April at various locations across North America, TapSnap is the special event photo booth reinvented as an open-concept, high-tech phototainment system that is instantly connected to social media.

“I love how social TapSnap is,” said Diller, who owns the TapSnap franchise for Minneapolis. “You bring this giant touchscreen into a room and people just gravitate towards it. Soon they’re playing and joking around with the camera, and each other. And when they’re done, TapSnap lets them share photos instantly in real-time on the Internet.”

TapSnap allows event guests to take their picture with a touch of the fingertip to the giant 42-inch multi-touch screen, draw on their photos, and add digital props like funny hats or googly eyes. When they are done, they can share their creation instantly via social media networks and email, or print their photo to take home.

“I know there’s dozens and dozens of events here in Minneapolis, and hundreds of venues, that TapSnap would ideally suited for,” said Diller. “There’s a ton of Fortune 500 companies with their summer picnics, golf tournaments and holiday parties. Then there are weddings and graduations parties charity events more. The event market is extremely lucrative.”

TapSnap is Diller’s second part-time business, on top of his day job as an IT project manager. His first part-time business is as a DVDNow Kiosks ( operator, the independent answer to the corporate conglomerate Redbox. That business is called Movies on the Go -- – and runs nine kiosks in the greater Minneapolis area.

Because the kiosks are automated Diller and his wife Karen can manage the business in as little as 10 hours a week. When DVDNow announced they were launching their new TapSnap franchise, Diller was on board immediately. “Because of the previous relationship I have with DVDNow, I know they are going to go the extra mile with TapSnap, because that’s what they do,” he said.

Diller is able to fit TapSnap into his already hectic schedule because special events tend to be on evenings and weekends.

While there are many photo booth companies out there, TapSnap is an entirely different breed, said Diller, because of the quality of the camera. “TapSnap makes keepsakes, not just party favors. When your wedding is over, photos are the only real souvenirs you have. It’s not a Webcam. TapSnap uses a hi-resolution digital camera and it shows,” he said.

Diller is a trailblazer, one of the first franchisees of TapSnap, which launched in the US in April this year. The invention of a Vancouver, Canada company, TapSnap is rapidly franchising across North America and is now operating in: Los Angeles, Calif.; Wichita, Kan.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Charlotte, N.C.; Cedar Knolls, N.J.(will cover NYC); Fremont, Ohio; Portland, Ore.; Philadelphia, Penn.; Charleston, S.C.; Houston, Texas; Park City, Utah; Lethbridge, AB; and Peterborough/Toronto, ON. A dozen new markets will be launched this month, and a company-owned franchise has been running since last summer in Vancouver, Canada where TapSnap is based.

Franchise opportunites

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