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Social media power in action with TapSnap

Social media power in action with TapSnap photo booth rentalThere are two sides to TapSnap. There’s the fun, exciting phototainment sensation that is helping event and wedding guests have a blast across North America. And then there’s the serious social media strategist, who can help transform an event into a social media success.

The social media strategist was out in full force at the Pennsylvania Bridal Expo, held this April at the Philadelphia Convention Center.
“Event producers like the Bridal Expo and other corporations are trying to drive people to their Facebook page and get the ‘likes’ that are so important these days,” says TapSnap franchisee Ben Bender. “ In this case, we used the TapSnap photos taken at the Bridal Expo to drive people to the Expo’s corporate Facebook page.

Here’s what they did.

Social media power in action with TapSnap photo booth rental

1) Use TapSnap to gather emails from event guests

“We put two TapSnap machines on either side of the front door,” says Ben. “After guests checked in they’d come to the TapSnap machine. Most people took their photo and entered their email to receive a copy of their picture.”

While the organizers of the Bridal Expo already had emails from the guests who pre-registered, this enabled them to expand their list by capturing emails from everyone who attended.
“From a compliance standpoint, it was very successful,” says Ben. “There’s lots of things companies do to try and capture email addresses but because people don’t want to give them, many use fake emails. Here they give their real email because otherwise they won’t get their photo.”

Social media power in action with TapSnap photo booth rental

2) Send a follow-up email with links to the event photo album through Facebook

In this case, the production company wanted to increase their “likes” on their corporate Facebook page. In order to do that, they needed people to go there. Ben arranged to put the link to the Bridal Expo’s SmugMug album on their corporate Facebook page. Then, they emailed the link to 845 people using the addresses collected through registration and by TapSnap.

3) 845 emails = 13,782 hits on SmugMug

The numbers blew Ben away -- 845 emails turned into 13,782 hits on the SmugMug album!
“It wasn’t just the people we sent it too – they must have forwarded it on to friends and family,” says Ben. “We drove traffic to their Facebook page they never would have had without TapSnap. Plus, every time someone clicks on a picture, they’re reminded of the event they attended and the fun they had there.”

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