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TapSnap Philly Featured on Rebecca Richman Events


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with a company called TapSnap for the first time. I’m used to the traditional photobooth experience whether it’s walking into a physical booth or seeing a camera setup with a fabric backsplash but this company takes a very different approach with their booths. This is the physical booth that is setup, it can be setup in any location and you can provide any backdrop that you’d like or you can do a green screen experience.

Now this is where the fun comes in, after you tap and snap your photo, you can add anything that you’d like to the picture directly on the screen. So you can add in fake mustaches or draw pictures or shapes on the photos, you can add text or colors etc. From the screen you can also share the photos socially, directly to your Facebook account or a wedding hashtag. Finally the screen will email you the photo directly and print out a copy that you can add to a scrapbook. I love how it so seamless incorporates social and even though it comes with a booth attendant, it’s incredibly easy to use.

TapSnap is also now offering a new service called their SnapCast social media wall. You can capture photos taken on the screen and you can also capture other photos taken using Instagram or twitter attached to a hashtag. The photos can have a logo added and they are all pulled into a system and an operator selects the images to be displayed on the wall. It can be viewed on any screen because the content is displayed on a url so you can access it on your phones or ipads or pc’s. I love the idea of looping this at the brunch the day following the wedding. It’s a great way to relive the fun from the night before.

Check out this video showing it in action:

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Source: Richman, Rebecca. "TapSnap, A Unique Photobooth Experience" Rebecca Richman Events, July 20.

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