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The Screen is Green, the possibilities are boundless

Jul 30, 2013 12:13:38 PM / by TapSnap

TapSnap’s latest software update incorporates a new feature – the Green Screen – and that means branding your TapSnap machine for corporate events just became a whole lot easier.

“The way the Green Screen works is you take your picture in front of a green background and then when the picture comes up on the TapSnap screen there’s a whole new background image slotted in behind the shot,” says Mark Rudolph, TapSnap’s Director of Product Development. “And just like that, you could be in Paris or in London. It’s that simple.”

For corporate events, this means it is now possible to use a custom-designed corporate background screen for your event, and pre-program it on the screen. Many people have been doing this already by creating and printing custom backdrops. Now it will all be digital.

You can also choose from pre-programmed backgrounds like the Eiffel tower, Everest, a tropical paradise and more.

 green screen photo boothThe first version of this update to Snap software allows for one background per event, but later versions will incorporate the backgrounds as a digital prop, so people will be able to choose the background they’d like for their picture.

Green with envy

TapSnap is launching the “Green with Envy” Twitter campaign in Vancouver to celebrate the occasion and let people know about our new capabilities. The tagline is: “We’re so green even the green men can’t be seen.”

“We want to create greater awareness of our new Green Screen capabilities, as well as TapSnap as a whole,” says Claire Nagle, the Event Coordinator for TapSnap. “We also want to increase our likes on Facebook.” Hint, hint. So everyone, please go to TapSnap’s Facebook page and like TapSnap if you haven’t already, and follow TapSnap on Twitter and get ready to be Green with Envy.

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