Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Loves TapSnap

By Shayla Lee

TapSnap is more than just a photo booth company. We create unique and fully customizable photo experiences that can be easily shared to social media. A leader in the events and entertainment industry since 2012, TapSnap is trusted among the world’s biggest companies and loved by some of the most popular celebrities!

Gordon Ramsay using TapSnap

Recently, Marie from our head office got to spend the day on set with Gordon Ramsay for his hit show 24 Hours To Hell And Back. Ramsay approached us with the idea of incorporating a TapSnap photo booth into a restaurant makeover and we jumped at the chance to get involved. Known as one of the toughest critics out there, Ramsay had nothing but positive things to say about the experience of using our photo booths! Check out some of our favorite photo booth photos captured on set below.

Gordon Ramsay at Fetch Bistro

Photo booths make a great addition to business launch parties, or in the case of Fetch Bistro which was featured on Ramsay's show, can add the perfect interactive experience for visiting customers.

Fetch Bistro TapSnap

Guests who visited the bistro were able to snap photos with their beloved pets, and then take the printed pics home as a special keepsake. This is a perfect way to align a brand with a fun and interactive experience that customers will share, and remember.

Gordon Ramsay with TapSnap

With TapSnap, you can fully customize the photo booth experience, ensuring brand consistency from the high-quality wrap of the photo booth exterior, to the printed photos, to the follow-up emails that guests receive. For businesses that are looking to make a profit from a special event, a photo booth makes a great (and profitable) interactive sponsorship opportunity too!

Couple with dog Gordon Ramsay

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