How To Create The Best Festival Brand Activation With A Photo Booth

By Alice Bromfield

The best marketing activations are those which get people involved. We're going to help you out by demonstrating the benefits of having a photo booth at your fair, festival, parade or your company activation at an outdoor event this summer.

best brand activation ideas


Draw Attention

It's a pretty well known fact at events these days, that if you set up a photo booth, people will come running. If you're setting up a brand activation, a photo booth is a great way to engage people while allowing you to showcase your brand. Festivals, and parades are all about having fun and if your brand activation looks like it's going to be fun, and potential guests can see others having fun (like guests do with photo booths) you're going to be a hit.


best brand activation ideas


Spread the word on Social

Using a photo booth with social media integration and having your photos branded with your logo and hashtag will spread the word about your brand activation quickly and help you reach potentially untapped networks. If your festival activation is over a few days, guests will see the photos on social before they attend and then come and find you just for the photos!

best brand activation ideas

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Show Off

Having a photo booth gives your guests a chance to show off their outfits and for your organization to show off their brand. Not only can you use a logo wall background like this one at the Sundance Film Festival, but you can have your brand logo on every single photo from the event with our customized overlays.


best brand activation ideas


Get Starstruck

Create a green screen that features a celebrity that is roaming around your festival or headlining the whole thing. A photo opp with a celebrity is a great way to drive traffic to your brand activation and draw attention to your brand.

best brand activation ideas


Capture the Vibe

With a TapSnap photo booth you don't just get photos from one area of the festival, add the Social Photographer to your event package to catch photos from all around the festival and behind the scenes, all with your logo on them.

best brand activation ideas

Get Animated

At Thunder By The Bay, a three-day long music and motorcycle festival in Sarasota Florida, Suncoast Charities took advantage of the animation abilities of a TapSnap photo booth to create a truly unique photo booth activation. Guests were excited to see something interactive and different when they were faced with this experience.


best brand activation ideas

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With plenty of event sponsorship space on both the photo booth itself, and on the photos, guests can have an amazing time while you receive customer engagement. As they share their creations with the world, you will experience limitless social media engagement for your brand. This summer, add a photo booth to your engaging and memorable festival brand activation.Find Out More


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