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3 Creative Ways To Catch Candid Shots At Your Event

3 Creative Ways To Catch Candid Shots At Your Event

When you're hosting a party or a corporate event, it's important to capture the fun in photos so you and your guests can save and share the festivities with others!

Most event planners will hire professional photographers to snap photos, but the pictures tend to be posed and proper. Many will also add a photo booth to the mix to capture silly snaps, but the typical standalone photo booth relies on attendee participation and is usually set up in a static location at the venue, making it difficult to change up the scenery without using green screen backgrounds.

photo booth with real photographer TapSnap 1009 captured this behind-the-scenes shot using Social Photographer


If you really want to capture the fun that goes on behind the scenes at your event, we've  got you covered! Here are 3 creative ways you can catch candid shots (without breaking the bank):

1) Encourage guests to take their own photos and share them on social media using a specific hashtag. Nowadays everyone has their phone on hand, ready to snap and share whenever the opportunity arises. Offer to award a prize for the craziest candid snap using your hashtag and watch the fun photos come pouring in!

2) Go old school with polaroid cameras placed strategically around your venue. Back in the day, no wedding was complete without a pile of disposable cameras placed on each table, encouraging guests to take their own photos during the event. Purchase a few polaroid cameras (how cute are these colourful cameras!) and display them strategically around the venue with a note that encourages guests to snap and post their photos - a great way to create a unique guest book or keepsake to capture the memories.

3) Add a Social Photographer to your TapSnap photo booth package. Not only does TapSnap offer open-air, digitally-integrated, and fully-customizable photo booths that create fun for every occasion, but we offer a unique package add-on called Social Photographer, which include a roaming photographer who will capture those behind-the-scenes memories that you can't get elsewhere.  Check out this great photo snapped by TapSnap using our Social Photographer service to get an awesome photo of an event guest rappelling down the side of a building!

(Social Photographer) at the Over the Edge event

TapSnap isn't just a photo-snapping booth, we're experts in getting that perfect shot - whether it be posed or candid. Find out why you should invite TapSnap to your event and book your booth today!

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Bianca Bujan
Bianca Bujan
Bianca is a writer, editor, and marketing consultant for TapSnap photo booths.

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