Advice on Buying into a Franchise by TapSnap Franchisee, Kim Deimling

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Advice on Buying into a Franchise by TapSnap Franchisee, Kim Deimling

Kim Deimling is the owner and operator of TapSnap 1009. Along with her husband and two beautiful daughters, she has called Park City, UT home for the last 19 years. Kim loves to travel, cook, camp, hike, and find adventure in nature. Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family.

  • Why TapSnap? What was it about our business that appealed to you?

When I first read about the TapSnap franchise, I was excited about it on every level. It was, of course, a scary prospect because the business was brand new. The TapSnap business incorporated two of my favorite hobbies: event planning and photography. This technology was so far beyond anything I'd ever seen and I wanted to be a part of launching it in our area.

  • What made you decide to look at franchising versus other business opportunities?

I'd always wanted to start my own business, but I never came up with a viable idea and I was completely inexperienced in the business world. Buying into a franchise that offered a unique, interactive, and fun experience was the perfect fit. I also had a team behind me to offer sales, marketing, social media, and technical support.

  • What were you doing before you decided to become a franchise business owner?

I was a freelance event planner, full-time mom, frequent community volunteer, and substitute teacher.

  • Did you experience any challenges when opening your business? What were they and how did you resolve them?

In the beginning, the biggest challenge was figuring out the technology, but that was three and a half years ago. So much has changed since then. Now, TapSnap franchisees leave TapSnap University—the initial training program for new franchisees— with a solid understanding of how to operate the equipment. We also have a great internal communication system where you can get instant feedback from other franchisees. Back then, I felt like I was on my own island, but now, that issue is completely resolved.

  • What are some of the most positive experiences you’ve had as a TapSnap franchisee?

I can name a positive experience from every event I've ever done, so I'll summarize. This business has had an incredibly positive impact on me and my family. People often say, "I never dreamed this would happen!" Well, I dreamed I'd be running a successful business, but I had no idea it would be THIS lucrative, fun, and rewarding. Plus, I've made SO many great connections along the way. Nearly all of my clients become friends— and of course, you can never have too many of those!

  • Do you have a favorite type of event you like attending?

Without question, my favorite annual event is the Sundance Film Festival! I don't really have a favorite "type". I enjoy working a corporate meeting or expo as much as a wedding or fundraiser. I love the diversity!

  • What would you say has changed for you between the time you first started your business and now?

Our one-kiosk franchise now has three! What started as a one-woman show now has a “staff” and I'm proud of them all. In the beginning, I ran events by myself. Now, I've learned with good training, people with great customer service skills will represent TapSnap 1009 exactly as I do.

  • What lessons did you learn along the way? Would you have done anything differently?

Whenever possible, do not do events alone! In the early days, I did every event on my own, and once I hired someone to help me run an event, it became SO much easier!

  • What makes TapSnap so special, and why do you think people love it?

It's both special and unique because people are expecting a traditional photo booth. When they see themselves on the big screen, they're so excited. And when you hand them a lab-quality print before they've even finished entering their email address, they're even more impressed!

  • What are your secrets for success, and what advice can you give to new franchisees entering the business?

Regardless of what's going on during your event (i.e. technical difficulties, inclement weather, slow Internet, etc.), it's very important to stay professional, friendly, calm, cheerful, and interactive. You NEVER know who you're about to photograph. Treat each and every guest as if they're a future client you're trying to impress.

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