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Business Tip: Get on the Preferred Vendor List

Nov 11, 2013 1:49:17 PM / by TapSnap

There is a magic list at event venues and hotels. It’s called the preferred vendor list, and it’s one that you’d like to be on.

Rogier Chapon- Business Tip: Get on the Preferred Vendor ListWichita franchisee Rogier Chapon is trying to connect with venues and the people who run them to get on these lists.

“I’m doing the same thing with hotels,” he says.

In a place like Wichita, a small community where everybody knows everybody, the personal connection matters more than anything.

The more networking events Rogier attends, the stronger his connections grow. “I see the same people at different events. And now, they’re starting to see me as one of them.”

He feels people are becoming more familiar with TapSnap and that sometimes it takes seeing the machine a couple of times for people to become comfortable with it.

Rogier knows it’s important to aim for the right demographic. He doesn’t want to be the cheapest photo booth in town; he wants to be the best. “There’s Ford cars, BMWs and Mercedes. I want to be the BMW and Mercedes.”

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