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Franchisee Transitions to Running Her Own Business - With a Smile!

Mar 5, 2014 8:05:59 AM / by TapSnap

Franchisee Transitions to Running Her Own Business - With a Smile!Andi Grupa has been bringing fun to St. Joseph and Savannah in Buchanan and Andrew Counties, respectively, in Missouri since October 2013.

Originally from New York, she moved to St. Joseph when her husband was relocated for work. After some time working a job requiring international travel, she decided to take her career into her own hands.

When considering other local franchising options, there was no question of what would let Andi manage her time as a mother and pursue professional aspirations. TapSnap’s portability and easily transportable system make the time spent at the event efficient. She’s able to leverage prior work experience with TapSnap too, as her abilities in communication, group engagement and familiarity with social media are key components.

It’s apparent North West Missouri and North West Kansas have welcomed her with open arms, having participated in a number of local city events. As well as being present at the city of Savannah’s annual Christmas season Candlewalk, Andi also has noted, “A favorite for me has been the St. Joseph Chamber 94th annual banquet. It was roaring 20s themed, which was a lot of fun and big time exposure with over 800 guests and two kiosks!”

Her exclamation mark of an attitude also had a chance to shine as a part of TapSnap’s corporate promotion for The Hunger Games’ Catching Fire movie.

Andi’s career choice is paying off and her future is all smiles as well.

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