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Introducing TapSnap’s hip, national TV commercial

The beat is strong, the vibe is contagious, and event guests are smiling from ear to ear in TapSnap’s new TV commercial, which will run on national cable this June.

The best way to understand TapSnap is to experience it, and now an entirely new audience will have the opportunity to see TapSnap in action.

“TapSnap is a very visual product,” says Scott McInnes, the CEO and founder of TapSnap. “What we are trying to do with the TV commercial is to get TapSnap out in front of people who haven’t even thought about what they are going to have at their event or wedding yet, but when they see TapSnap, they’ll know they have to have it.”

TapSnap is already reaching people who are searching online for event photo booths through Google AdWords, but the TV ad will go beyond that to a more general market.

The commercial shows the potential of TapSnap at three different events: a Santa Monica wedding, a charity dinner for autism at a Vancouver craft brewery, and a gala event for an up-and-coming artist at the trendy LAB Art gallery in Los Angeles.

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“From an economic standpoint, it made sense to go national rather than targeting specific markets because we reach more people and create greater awareness, and it’s more cost-effective on a per-viewer basis,” says McInnes.

TapSnap’s head office is running this commercial as a test and will modify based on performance.

“We’re standing behind our franchisees,” says McInnes. “That’s the difference between joining TapSnap and starting an independent photo booth business.”

He notes that it’s simply not good business sense for independent photo booth owners to advertise on TV, but because TapSnap is operating across North America we’re able to invest in that kind of brand building and marketing.

“It’s like a small sandwich shop versus a Subway,” says McInnes. “Subway gets 10 times the business because it’s a national brand and they have the advertising clout.”

The TV ad’s primary purpose is event marketing, but McInnes notes it’s important to make the most out of every advertising opportunity. “As TapSnap grows , we need to continue to attract high-quality franchisees who will make a strong contribution to our brand,” says McInnes. “TV is a great way to do that.”

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