Meet TapSnap's Newest Franchisees!

By Bianca Bujan

Meet TapSnap's Newest Franchisees! 2017

Last month, TapSnap's head office welcomed 2 new franchisees to the TapSnap family, with a visit to Vancouver, BC for TapSnap University (TSU) - our on-site franchisee training program.

To celebrate their new endeavours with TapSnap, we interviewed our new franchisees and created a short video so we could introduce them as our newest members of the team. Watch this short video to learn more about why they've decided to start a new business venture as part of the TapSnap franchise: 

We love learning about our new franchisees - where they've come from, what drew them to TapSnap, and where they hope to take their photo booth rental business in the future.

Garrick Ellis, our new franchisee who will be servicing the Huntington Beach, CA area, comes from a long career in Human Resources and Global Mobility Management. Wanting to find a career that compliments his passion for photography, Garrick discovered the franchising opportunities with TapSnap, and thought it would be the perfect fit. He shared his thoughts with us on why he decided to join our franchise:


"After working within the corporate world for over 24 years I decided it was time to do something different. TapSnap offered a proven, unique and affordable investment that offered a product that was head and shoulders above its competition. I have an outgoing social personality and TapSnap provided an opportunity to combine this with my hobby, photography. In addition, TapSnap has a fantastic support network that enabled me to hit the ground running and grow the business without the frustration and challenges faced when going it alone."

Meet TapSnap's Newest Franchisees! 2017 Garrick Ellis of TapSnap 1207, sharing his TapSnap story.

Greg and April Jones, our new franchisees who will be servicing the Nashville, TN Davidson/Sumner counties, are excited to start their new venture with TapSnap. Greg comes from a background in Occupational Safety and Health, and is looking forward to a complete change in career. He shared with us:

"After 23 yrs in the Safety field, climbing the corporate ladder, being involved with over 15 acquisitions and multiple Reductions in Force, I decided it was time to do something new and exciting.  When you are the “Safety Guy” no one is excited to see you coming.  I want to be in a position, where people are excited to see me."

Meet TapSnap's Newest Franchisees! Greg and April Jones of TapSnap 1208, sharing their TapSnap story.

Please join us in welcoming our new franchisees to the team. Visit their websites to learn more, and give their Facebook Pages a "Like"!

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