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The Best Party Favors to Give at Your Wedding

The big day is almost here. It's a day that's all about YOU. The flowers are primped, the guests are all accounted for, and you're ready to make some tear ducts flow. While the ceremony might be on the more romantic side of the day, the reception is where memories are made and enjoyed by all your guests.

Of course, like many planning a wedding, you might not have time to mess around browsing fancy party favor sites. Don't worry. We've got you covered. Take a look below at the three best party favors you can offer to your wedding guests.

1. Cookie Buffet

There is almost nothing that will excite your guests more than a cookie buffet. However, don't just set out some paper plates with cookies in a way that looks like your dog's treat jar. Decorate the table elegantly, get some large, nice-looking jars for the cookies, and have some nice little takeaway containers so that people can munch at their leisure. Oh, and make sure you have a variety of cookies. The last thing you want is the family cookie snob complaining about there being no oatmeal raisin cookies.

And if you want to be really crafty, why not add the new spouses’ initials to each cookie?

2. Set Up a Photo Booth

What's sure to keep your guests entertained while you catch up with old friends and family? A photo booth! Don't worry, it's not going to make your wedding look like an arcade. TapSnap photo booths are sleek, open-air photography stations that come with a modern multi-touch screen monitor. Guests can take pictures and instantly edit them by adding custom doodles, personal messages, and even digital props. The best part is that the pictures can be instantly shared on Facebook so your no-show great uncle (who is surprisingly technologically competent) gets a taste of what he's missing. You can even print your photos on the spot and take them home with you!

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3. Board Game Table

Talk about an all-purpose party favor. A table full of board games has many benefits that you may not have thought of. Number one, it entertains the kids, which makes both parents and kids happy. Another benefit is that it's a fun social activity for everyone to participate in. Now the people who aren't dancers have something to do other than sit and stare at each other.

Lastly, you finally get an excuse to throw your old board games away. Just bring your old games to the wedding, and by the time it's over, game boards will be stained, torn, broken, and you'll never find missing pieces. You just won't. When the wedding is over, toss em' out. Voilà! You've just successfully entertained your guests and gotten a head start on spring cleaning.

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