Unique Events Where You Can Set Up a Photo Booth

By TapSnap

Many people are aware of the fun and exciting opportunity to use a photo booth at weddings, anniversaries, or parties. It’s an opportunity to make silly faces or have fun with a friend and capture the moment in a photograph. The end result, of course, is that you have great pictures as memories of the day. Instead of a regular point-and-shoot camera, why not add some pizazz with a custom red carpet and green screen courtesy of your TapSnap photo booth?

Youth Sporting Events

Plenty of parents are going to bring their cameras to a youth league sporting event. Just as many are going to forget or leave their cameras at home. They still want pictures of their children and friends for future memories. With the children dressed up in cute and matching uniforms, sports events are a great photo opportunity. The photo booth makes for a fun opportunity the kids will want to participate in. With the handy instant print option and social media buttons, you can instantly share your memories via email or even to social media, while keeping a printed copy for yourself. TapSnap's open-air design also means that the whole team can fit into one photo.

Car Wash

As a great and fun way to pass the time, a TapSnap photo booth could be the perfect way to pass the time while waiting for a car to be washed and dried. The car owner has a bit of entertainment, and the car washers don’t have the owner directly watching them and commenting on their work. This idea would work well at an established, permanent car wash but could really shine as part of a roadside fund raiser style of car wash. A fund raiser, especially for a good or charitable cause, tends to put people in a great mood so their smiling faces will be ready to pose for the camera.

Pop Up Fashion Show

Pop Up fashion shows are all the rage these days. Empty store fronts can quickly become the next runway for local designers or for a number of charity events. Add that quick shutter feel of having photographs from afar at your event by booking a TapSnap photo booth for your fashion show. As a designer, you can grab some snaps for your social media profiles and as a fashion aficionado, you can savor your snaps until the next pop-up show!

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