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Graduation Party Planning: 6 Tips to Help You Plan the Best Celebration


School’s almost out for summer, which means your high-schooler is about to finally receive that diploma! This exciting time calls for a celebration. It also means it’s time to bust out your graduation party planning skills, and plan the perfect memento for your soon-to-be graduate. Graduation Party Planning: 6 Tips to Help You Plan the Best Celebration

Planning a graduation celebration for the first time?  Graduation party planning might sound stressful, but it’s actually a lot of fun! Whether you’re having a party at home, or you’re on the grad committee at school, we have some helpful graduation party planning ideas and high school graduation party themes to get you started.

Graduation Party Planning Ideas

Looking for fresh ideas to stand out from the other graduation parties? Try out some of these ideas!

1. Store memories in a scrapbook 

Scrapbooks are a great way to collect memories for special occasions! Set up a scrapbook booth in which guests can write comments, and decorate. If you have a photo booth or a Polaroid booth at your event, guests can also insert these photos as well. It adds a personal touch and creates invaluable memories.

2. Offer a unique and interactive photographic experience

Polaroid cameras are great options to capture moments. Guests can decorate their photos with colorful pens and stickers, and can either take them home, or add them to the scrap book. It’s a fun and easy way to capture these precious memories!

Planning a big party at home because you have the space? Or are you on the grad planning committee at school? Consider renting a photo booth! Photo booth rentals are a growing trend because of their fun and interactive features. Guests can instantly print off photos, which are great keepsakes, or they can instantly share them on social media. Add these photos to the scrapbook too, or project a live feed of photos from the booth!

3. Get punny with your menu!

While everyone loves a good barbeque, it’s always fun to try something new and imaginative. The menu for your party has great opportunity to be creative as there are unlimited options to choose from. We love the idea of puns—they’re cheesy, and a great way to encourage people to nibble on your treats.

If you’re stuck, try out the ‘Freshmen 15’ diet. You can offer college-themed food with a spin. We’d suggest samples of knick-knacks that are stereotypical for college-goers. Offer a healthier version of ramen noodles in ceramic cups for a take on ‘ramen/cup noodles’. Personal-sized pizzas with healthy toppings, home-made light mac ‘n’ cheese, and baked French fries are other stereotypical college bites which will be fast favorites without gaining the dreaded Freshmen 15!

Take a look at more grad-tastic mini tasting party ideas to keep the ideas flowing.

High School Graduation Party Themes

Themes are a great way to organize events. If you’re new to graduation party planning, try out one of these high school graduation party themes:

1. East Meets West

High school graduation signifies new beginnings, which usually come with an appetite for travel and exploration. To tie into this overarching theme, try an East meets West travel-themed party. Fusion menu items such as ramen burgers, wasabi sliders, roti wraps, kimchi and avocado quesadillas, and tea-infused lemonade provide variation for your guests’ taste buds, and are memorable treats!

There are no limitations to party décor as well. Lanterns, exotic rugs, globes and map, or colorful and intricately designed plates or cups, are a few examples of creating a new world in your living room or backyard!

2. The red carpet send-off

A Hollywood theme is a hit for almost any party. Incorporate elements of Hollywood in your décor and menu. Roll out a red carpet, offer sparkling apple cider, and top cupcakes with stars to add subtle elements of Hollywood.

Tip: photo booth rentals can also add to this theme with customizable green screens and props! You can also borrow more ideas from “How to Make Your Oscar Party a Start-Worthy Celebration”.

3. Take a walk in the parkGraduation Party Planning: 6 Tips to Help You Plan the Best Celebration

If you want to step away from the usual barbeque, consider a garden-themed party. Celebrate your graduate and the onset of summer with odes to bright colors such as yellows, blues, or greens. Offer fruit-infused drinks, and incorporate picnic elements to your party.

Take a look at these creative ideas to plan a garden-themed party.

While June is fast approaching, we hope these tips help with your graduation party planning. Have fun and pass these tips along!

Happy planning,


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