How Much Money Can You Make In The Photo Booth Business?

By Bianca Bujan

People love working in the photo booth business for many reasons: it's a great alternative to sitting behind a desk all day, it provides a fun environment where you can work for yourself, and you get to bring excitement and positive energy to events. As a photo booth owner, it's your job to be the life of the party! The photo booth business is FUN; but what is less often talked about, is that the photo booth business can also be very profitable too. You can actually make a living, doing what you love.

To give you an idea of how much money you can make, we've broken it down for you.

Social events (birthday parties, holiday parties, sporting events, and graduations) can typically run anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per event; or $250 - $350 per hour. These rates will of course vary from market to market, and the pricing will depend on the owner’s strategy: do they want to be less expensive and do more events per month; or do they want to have more competitive pricing so their service is regarded as a top-tier offering? There are pros and cons to both business models.

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Corporate marketing events often run for a bit longer than social events, and are billed at higher hourly rates - or sometimes even by daily rates. The average hourly rate for a basic on-site activation at a corporate event is $350 - $450 per hour; more if you’re providing branded photo booths, branded photos, custom green screens, and other unique elements designed specifically for their event. The more customized the experience for a client's event, the more revenue you can generate. Corporate clients are ideal because they come with the potential to work with the same company on a recurring basis.

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Photo booth owners will initially start off slow, but will get busier as they develop a database of repeat clients and referrals. The best way to get events is to do events. Being present in person and allowing potential clients to see your business in action is the best way to entice them to add your photo booth to their event as well.

When you purchase a photo booth from TapSnap, your product will come with support from industry experts. You're not just buying a booth, you're getting access to proven strategies and sales training tips that will help you succeed; so you can run a fun photo booth business, and make plenty of profit doing so.

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