How to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

By Shayla Lee

As an entrepreneur, your business journey will be filled with ups, downs, sacrifices, failures, and success. When you are building your own business, you will often be running on adrenaline and working non-stop while you try to make your dream a reality. You will probably find that there is so much you need to get done but never enough time. With the phrase time is money playing in the back of your mind, it's common for the work and personal lives of entrepreneurs to intertwine which can lead to entrepreneur burnout. We have put together a few practices you can implement to help prevent entrepreneur burnout before it happens.

Take Time to Disconnect 

In today's digital age, it is harder than ever to disconnect from technology. Most entrepreneurs are constantly attached to their email and make themselves available 24/7. It's important to give your mind a technology break every day. This can be implemented in a variety of ways such as enjoying a phone free meal with your family, reading a book, or having a bath. At first, it will be hard to force yourself to disconnect but after you add it to your daily routine, these "brain breaks" will give you energy and will leave you feeling rejuvenated afterwards.   

Plan, Plan, Plan 

When you have a long list of tasks which need to be completed, procrastination can be easy. To avoid this, planning your schedule is detrimental to your success. Create a realistic schedule and try to stick to it. Make sure you give yourself breaks or rewards when you accomplish a task. This can be as simple as having a night without checking your email or going to a movie. When you stick to a schedule you will know what to expect and you will become better at time management. 

Rejection is Inevitable 

As an entrepreneur, you will experience success and failure in your career. Although rejection never feels good, it's important to build a thick skin because being an entrepreneur is an uphill battle. You will hear the word "no" the majority of the time but instead of dwelling on it, learn to accept criticism which will allow you to move forward positively.

Have a Strong Support System 

It's important that your family and friends understand that this is an extremely busy time for you. As you are building your own business, you most likely won't have time to create new relationships that aren't business related. Having a supportive network that encourages you through trying times will help keep you grounded and humble. 

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Ask for help

Even the world's top entrepreneurs can't manage everything by themselves. Asking for help isn't a sign of defeat. It can be helpful to get an opinion from someone else besides yourself and can give you a different outlook on a situation. 

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