5 Most Popular Physical Photo Booth Props

By Bianca Bujan

Here at TapSnap, we've adjusted to the digital photo booth trends, offering animated GIFs, digital backgrounds, and social sharing capabilities through our top-of-the-line touchscreen technology.

But while we are constantly updating to stay on trend, our guests still love the old-school style of incorporating physical props into their photo booth pics. There's just something special about holding something in your hand while you're snapping a photo with your favourite friends!

With this in mind, we've asked our franchisees which physical props seem to be the most popular when setting up a photo booth at an event. From the unique, to the totally predictable, here are their top 5 picks:

TS 1173 .       Image: TapSnap 1173

1) Rockin' Guitars

There's just something about a set of guitars that makes people want to pick them up and rock out in front of the camera! Whether they're inflatable, cardboard, or real Fenders, these props are a hit with guests!

Animal heads TS 1188 .       Image: TapSnap 1188

2) Animal Heads

A unicorn and a cow may not be the most common pairing, but these animal head props paired perfectly for this sweet and silly photo captured at a wedding.

Emoji pillows TS 1188 .      Image: TapSnap 1188

3) Emoji Pillows


From happy faces to heart eyes, people can't resist the round yellow pillows that express emotions through colourful facial expressions. Emojis are a hit, so it's no wonder why people love to play with them in front of the camera.

TS 1184         Image: TapSnap 1184

4) Lamp Shade Hats

Hats have always been a hit when it comes to photo booth props! Ditch the typical top hats and opt for something a little more unique! The lampshade has proven to be a favourite for many of our photo booth guests.

TS Detroit Vegas .       Image: TapSnap Detroit

5) Funny Signs

Incorporating themed signs into your photo booth setup is a great way to get people to participate in the fun without having to cover their faces with silly props. "I Came For The Cake", and "Team Bride/Team Groom"  are just some of the popular choices for weddings.

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And of course, no photo booth is complete without fake moustaches, oversized sunglasses, and wild wigs! 

If you're booking a photo booth for your next event, be sure to incorporate the digital elements that make your photos fun and shareable, but add a few physical photo booth props as well. Offering a mix of modern and old-school, your photo booth is sure to draw crowds and be a hit at your next party.

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