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Why You Should Embrace The Photo Booth Fun

Dec 14, 2016 4:50:27 PM / by Bianca

Why You Should Embrace The Photo Booth Fun

“I hate having my photo taken!” Words spoken at almost every event by guests who are hesitant to step in front of the camera. Yet once the photos have been snapped, those same pic-repellent people are the ones who are begging for you to send them  a copy! Here’s why you should suck it up and step into that photo booth at the next event that you attend.

Show the world that you were there.

Nowadays, a get together rarely happens without the guests sharing the event photos on social media. Stepping into the photo booth is a great way to show the guests of honour that you made an appearance at their event, and to show your friends and followers that you’re having a great time out and about.

Step up your selfie game.

Stop trying to snap a secret selfie, and step into that booth! Pose solo and get a much better pic of you in your fabulous outfit, or grab some friends and capture a great group shot.

Why You Should Embrace The Photo Booth Fun

Be aware of the photos they share (of you!).

Whether you like it or not, you will likely appear in photos from the event. Fortunately, you have a choice: you can willingly pose for professionally-snapped pics, or you can appear in candid shots, unaware of the camera’s presence. Avoid embarrassing moments and step in front of that camera!

Don’t be a party pooper.

You may feel shy in front of the camera, but refusing to pose for a pic can make you seem like a Debbie Downer amongst a group of festive friends. Take a deep breath and smile for the camera, and you’ll be beaming when you see your beautiful party portrait.

You may not love having your photo taken, but you know you’ll want to save and share the pics once they’ve been snapped. Embrace the photo booth fun and your friends will be sure to follow suit.

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Written by Bianca

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