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Celebrating The Moms In The Photo Booth Business

One thing that we love about having such a large family of franchisees, is the diversity of our photo booth business owners. They come from all walks of life, with backgrounds in careers of all types, and while they may  be different, they all share one thing in common: they love what they do.

With Mother's Day coming up, we want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on the mom-run franchises - our TapSnap team members who are raising children while growing their businesses. Some use TapSnap as an opportunity to work side-by-side with their families, some run their business as a side hustle so that they have more time to spend with their families, and others are enjoying running the franchise full-time as a way to provide for their family.

To celebrate the amazing mothers in the photo booth business, we've asked some of them to answer a few questions. Get to know some of the moms on the TapSnap team, and be sure to visit their local pages, too!

Tammy Lonergan (Location: Eastern Connecticut) Tammy Lonergan

Q1) What do you like best about running a photo booth business as a mom?

I like being able to show my children that anything is possible through hard work, dedication and determination.

I am a single mom, and I took a leap of faith that Viktorija, my oldest daughter, and I could make a success of my TapSnap franchise. I am extremely proud of how far we have come as a team.

I still have to pinch myself after we were named a "2018 TapSnap Franchisee of the Year". This special recognition was such an incredible honor and thrill for us! It is truly awesome that I am able to operate and grow a business with my daughter.

From my perspective, it has been the best career decision and experience ever!

Tammy Lonergan 2

Q2) Are your kids involved in running your business? If so, how, and what is it like working together as a family?

Both my children are involved in my business. Viktorija has been my business partner since I purchased the franchise. With much gratitude, she has been with me every step of the way, and I could not ask for a better partner. She creates our graphic designs (self-taught) and handles the majority of our social media. She is my tech savvy person, a definite asset, who has taught me many computer skills. Best of all, we service events together, and when double booked, we split up and she runs the second event.

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My other daughter, Taylor, also assists at events whenever needed. Thanks to my childrens' time, effort, and fun personalities, I am extremely fortunate to operate my business with much joy.

We have created amazing and special memories working together, and been privileged to be a part of events we would never typically be able to experience if it wasn't for my TapSnap business. It has been quite an incredible adventure, and I am elated my girls have been part of the journey!

Q3) How would you describe your dream Mother's Day?

My dream Mother's Day is simply spending time with my daughters and my mother. I love any experience when we can enjoy quality time together (disconnected from phones)!

I am happy whether we are Geocaching (check this out if you have never done it), collecting sea glass at the beach, taking a hike or bike ride, chasing sunsets for that perfect photo, playing a game, eating (always a favorite pastime), or just jamming to tunes and dancing (in the kitchen or car is fine). The actual activity doesn't really matter to me; it is just about being together and making memories.

Bilynda Molish (Location: Central New Jersey)

Bilynda Molish TapSnap photo booth

Q1) What do you like best about running a photo booth business as a mom? 

One of my reasons for starting my business was to provide employment to people with special needs. I now have my daughter Makenzie as well as other young people with special needs working with me. As a mom, to see how capable they are and how others respond to them in such a fun working environment is truly priceless. Most parents don't get to see their children in that light.

Bilynda Molish

Q2) Are your kids involved in running your business? If so, how, and what is it like working together as a family? 

My daughter works with me side by side at many events, setting up, organizing and maintaining our prop table, helping guests through the process, and occasionally taking photos. She is especially great with young children and babies.

While we do work hard to deliver an amazing guest experience, we have fun together at the same time!  Wherever we are people are smiling and having a great time and doing events together is the best part of the experience.

3) How would you describe your dream Mother's Day?

A rare day off spent having a nice breakfast or maybe a brunch with my daughter, followed by a little shopping trip together would be a treat! 

Pamela Lietz (Location: Raleigh, North Carolina)

Pamela Lietz-1

Q1) What do you like best about running a photo booth business as a mom?

As a working mom, I show my kids that you can love your family AND love your job.  They get to see me sharing joy with others, and since my office is at home, they understand all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Q2) Are your kids involved in running your business? If so, how, and what is it like working together as a family?

Xander, my son, is my best employee (now he's gonna want a raise!). He leads events with other TapSnap hosts, and I love working with him. It's rewarding as a parent to see a child in a different light, and guests love his quiet, friendly approach. He frequently is my muscle for loads and unloads, too.

Lucinda is my office support, and I'm working her over to become my Social Media Administrator since her posts ALWAYS glean lots of attention. The kids get to see the highs and lows of running your own business, while having a business that their friends love. 

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Pamela Lietz 2

Q3) How would you describe your dream Mother's Day?

Early morning sun beaming on me and my chai tea reading all the sections of the newspaper, in one sitting. Then I would do something creative - beading, stitching, weaving with the family in the same room. I'm lucky Lucinda likes creating - son and husband - not so much. At the end of the day, a long, lingering dining alfresco meal with lots of laughing, love, stories, and of course, photos.   

Sylviane Cuenot (Location: Union County, New Jersey)


Q1) What do you like best about running a photo booth business as a mom?

What I like the best is running my own business with so much flexibility. I really enjoy working part time from home and having a lot of time for my girls.

Q2) Are your kids involved in running your business? If so, how, and what is it like working together as a family?

My girls are always so excited to do some test pictures with me. This is so much fun! This gives me the opportunity to try the graphics before each event I do, and make sure everything works out well. They love to help me out.


My oldest daughter especially likes to play with the digital props on the larger photo booth, and would already love to work with me on the events - even though she is only 9 years old.

Q3) How would you describe your dream Mother's Day?

My Mother’s Day would be a day with my husband and our two cuties, having a nice brunch in New York, followed by a beautiful walk in Central Park. We love working with such amazing women, and are proud to be able to provide a fun and flexible work opportunity for those who are looking to balance family time with a job that they love. We wish them all the happiest Mother's Day! Are you interested in joining the TapSnap family?

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Bianca Bujan
Bianca Bujan
Bianca is a writer, editor, and marketing consultant for TapSnap photo booths.

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