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How To Make Your Office Holiday Party A Can't-Miss Event

Nov 8, 2018 12:40:24 PM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events, Holidays


According to a recent survey, 93% of company managers are planning on hosting a holiday office party this year, and while 66% of those managers say that showing up at the party is expected, many employees will end up being no-shows. 

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5 Unique Ways To WOW Event Sponsors

Oct 25, 2018 11:54:44 AM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events, Charity event, Festival


Event sponsorship can be a tough sell. As an event organizer, you need the revenue generated through partnering with event sponsors, and event sponsors need your event to connect with a new audience and increase brand awareness for their business.

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TapSnap Is Taking The Gaming Industry By Storm

Oct 11, 2018 9:36:58 AM / by Alice posted in Corporate Events


We're learning that TapSnap and the gaming industry go together like Mario and Luigi.

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Behind The Scenes With TapSnap: A Star-Studded Event For A Cause

Aug 16, 2018 9:04:10 PM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events, Charity event


At TapSnap, we participate in a wide range of events - over 10,000 events per year! From intimate weddings with the bride, groom, and their closest friends and family, to large multi-day corporate events with hundreds, or even thousands of guests in attendance. Big or small, we've seen them all. 

 .      Viktorija (L) and Tammy (R) of TapSnap 1188 (R) with Smokey Robinson

One event type that is particularly rewarding for us, are those events that are not only fun, but that give back to an important cause.

At the end of July, Tammy Lonergan of TapSnap 1188, had the pleasure of bringing the TapSnap photo booth experience to the annual Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic event - a multi-day event hosted by and held at the Foxwoods Resort Casino located in Mashantucket, CT, with a focus on raising funds for non-profit organizations that provide music and the arts to children and their families, and those organizations that provide a safe-haven for families in need.

We asked Tammy of TapSnap 1188 to give us the inside scoop on how the event went down.

Q: Can you please share some background on the event?
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4 Perks To Adding Printed Photos To Your Photo Booth Rental

Jul 20, 2018 2:19:04 PM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events, Parties


It may be the age of "everything digital", but there's something special about those tangible items, too! Snapping photos on your Smartphone is fun, but how often do you actually print those photos? Instead, they often sit on your computer, and eventually get deleted. 

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Out-of-the-Box Ideas For Your Last-Minute Summer Staff Party

Jul 12, 2018 2:48:18 PM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events, Parties


While some of your coworkers are off enjoying time on a lake, or fun-filled vacations in far-off destinations, you're stuck in the office, trying to keep your team (and yourself) feeling motivated and engaged as you drudge through the long summer months, stuck behind your desks.

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Guests Get Revved Up With This Fun Photo Booth GIF

May 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events


Serving Indianapolis and Marion County, Anne Wessel of TapSnap 1184 decided to think outside the box for her client's corporate event, and the personalized photo booth experience was a huge hit! 

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Spruce Up Your Spring Social With These Trending Themes

Apr 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events


Spring is here and it's time to get social! Get your team out from behind their desks, and boost their spirits with a spring mingle, or strengthen your relationships with existing and potential clients by inviting them to a social event where you can network, have fun, and talk shop in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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How To Create Awareness For Your Charity Event With A TapSnap Photo Booth

Apr 13, 2018 2:56:01 PM / by Bianca posted in Corporate Events


For the past five years, TapSnap Vancouver has partnered with the Canucks Autism Network to provide on-site photo booths at their family events, creating a fun yet comfortable environment for families who are touched by autism and capturing the memories from the event, while driving awareness for an important initiative.


"The Canucks Autism Network strives to foster awareness and understanding of autism to create more inclusive environments where individuals and families living with autism can feel understood, accepted, and supported in a range of community activities and spaces."

Providing added value to their events, and working closely with their marketing team to ensure a seamless experience for both their staff, and the families who participate in their events, TapSnap creates awareness for the Canucks Autism Network through easy social sharing capabilities, customized branded elements, and unlimited photo prints that can be taken home by the event guests as special keepsakes. 

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In our latest behind-the-scenes video, watch how TapSnap was able to help create awareness for the Canucks Autism Network through a recent family event:


The Canucks Autism Network sees great value in partnering with TapSnap, and hopes to continue to do so for future events!

'It's really important for us to to continue to bring education and awareness across the province, and through collaboration and partners like TapSnap, families truly understand that we're in this together, that it takes a village to really do what we're doing here today. We hope to keep having TapSnap at all of our events!" - Ryan Yao, Manager of Strategic Partnerships for the Canucks Autism Network

If you're interested in adding an element of fun to your next charity event, invite TapSnap! Check your date and book now but clicking on the image below.






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The Latest Scoop Opens New Flagship Location in Gastown

Apr 6, 2018 9:39:15 AM / by Shayla Lee posted in Corporate Events


The Latest Scoop is a women's fashion store that features a curated collection of pieces from all over the world. They have four locations in Vancouver and recently celebrated the opening of their new flagship store in Gastown. With the goals of sharing The Latest Scoop's culture with their customers and connecting with their neighborhood, The Latest Scoop was looking to add something to their event that would allow everyone to have a blast. Social media manager Brooke Anthony explains that The Latest Scoop understands the importance of creating lasting memories at events and that adding a photo booth was the right choice for their event.

"Giving our customers and staff the opportunity to express themselves in front of the camera was not only a fun addition to our party, but also one that brought our party-goers together and created a warm and welcoming environment."

Event-goers had a blast seeing the new location and the photo booth was a hit! Sticking with a minimalist border containing their logo, the company’s aesthetic was carried over to the photo booth experience. Both the guests and The Latest Scoop loved the TapSnap experience!

Given how positive of an experience we had with TapSnap, we will definitely be including them in our next event as well as recommending them to our friends and family!”

You can stop by The Latest Scoop’s new location at 305 Water Street in Vancouver or you can keep up with what they’re doing on their website or Instagram. We have also included some of our favorite photos and GIFs below!

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